The slower speed of spreading the virus giving it a chance to mutate!

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
What the reaction of artificial spreading the virus in a long time?
What are the consequences of our hotheaded dealing?


We gave the Virus time to make more mutations than it would naturally!

Naturally, the virus would spread more intensively, but it would burn much quicker.
It is similar to gunpowder. It could explode, or burn very slowly in line..



Let’s explain the principle in the example of colours of neon.

Change of colour represents the mutation of a virus.
If the virus spread:
a) in natural speed the virus spread over most people in a few months (it still violet).
b) slower (by artificial human action), it has much more time to mutate in many different ways (through blue, white, yellow till red)..


A new sick social construct – artificial restrictions as masks and social distance let create the Covid-19to creates many mutations!
So typical for today’s humans!
Make quick rough action against nature without thinking how it affects the whole holistic picture of your being..! 😢