Power of social contact

by Tibi Moravcik

A human is a social creature.
We take power from social contacts.
Mental health most of us needs attention from others, we need touch and hug…

Your main power is your attention.
If you pay your attention, you are giving a kind of energy another person cannot create by itself. Pay attention to each other, we scratch back.
The magic of life is, that receiver of attention can take more energy than you send!
By Synergy, we create energy through social contact.
Also, Love is a kind of synergy energy.


Social contact is healing. Today many people heal by social contact (doctors, physio, masseurs etc.). Jesus was healing with social contact.

If you speak with a nice person, you can feel how the attention energy synergises and grows up in spiral…
The effect could dynamise by joining more people. This energy is often created on gigs, concerts and other group sessions.

We accepted the restriction of our social contact because we are scared, that by the natural way we could share one virus.
However, this way we also stop sharing immunity information. Normally just by a simple touch, our bodies share information on how to cope with viruses, batteries etc. in the herd.
Our bodies make an immunity network, similar to how our cells make the brain.
Next to visual communications we also have other channels to communicate, similar to bees or ants – chemical, electromagnetic communications.., there are probably much more communication channels.

In fact, our immunity is not just immunity of separated individuals, it’s designed for the herd.
Sharing our immunity experience in the herd is the best vaccine, which protects us naturally, without risk of side effects. It’s free. It protects us not just against one virus, but from every virus and bacterias which our human herd is coping with.


Isn’t cutting the whole society off from the source of vital power and stopping sharing our immunity experience the most ridiculous way to ‘protect vulnerable herd members’?!

Have you seen a nature animal or ‘primitive’ human to stop working because there is a virus in the air?!
Probably not, because it’s just a social construct!
It’s interesting how we are sensitive about sexual social constructs, but we are vulnerable to just created social constructs artificially by dangerous social engineers!

If you would be a sociopath with big investment into the pharmaceutical industry, what would bring you the highest profit?
The profit on vaccines is not so relevant then conspirators think so…
You could get much more clients if you could decrease the immunity of the whole population. Weaker people would be the best warranty for my private profit!


What is one of the cruellest punishments in cruel prisons?
Solitary confinement. Isolation from social contact!


‘Human beings are essentially social animals who, neurological research tells us, are literally wired to connect. Social connectedness is a fundamental human need. Its deprivation can lead to depression, anxiety, irritability, disorientation and even worse psychological maladies.’

Craig Haney, professor of psychology at the University of California
Read more at sfchronicle.com


Why do we listen just to virologists, who are specialised just for their narrow object of the problem?
Why don’t we listen to psychologistssociologists and immunologists?
Why don’t we see the problem in the broader context, more holistically?

Can somebody (who understands how important social contact is for our mental health) ban it?
Can ban ‘social contact’ somebody who likes people?
Somebody who has empathy and heart?

There is a very good documentary where psychologists explain why are sociopaths and psychopaths more successful in the hierarchy system:
I Am Fishead (2011)


For sociopaths is not enough to rule us. They want to change us to be like them – they are trying to make us sociopaths too! Therefore our media serves us so much violence. Therefore our society celebrates conquerors – cruel ‘sociopaths’, who for their ego massage don’t hesitate to kill thousands of people. Therefore they sell us Prozac and other pills to suppress our emotions and other social programs. Therefore they ban Marihuana which increases empathy and sell alcohol which increases aggression… Therefore they do whatever to block our social programs and low down our EQ (emotional coefficient).

Sociopaths noticed that social links between us make us stronger and harder controllable.
Divide a conquer.
Therefore for thousands of years, they are working on desocialization.
In the beginning, they break down tribes, to set up feudalism.
Last decades sociopaths actively work to destroy our families, nations, cultures.
Today they come much further. They dare even to restrict our natural social contacts!



Most of us are nice but naive, so believe that breaking contact with our elders will help them.
We foolishly believe that unnaturally restricted human contact protects our kids.
No, it doesn’t.
It is killing our parents and it will keep a mental scar on our kids!



Do you remember from history somebody so cruel and malicious, that he would ban his people from social contact?


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