Herd immunity

The world is linked together much more than most of us come to realise. Especially today, in our technocratic and individualistic civilisation we have a tendency to see the world just like a separated entity: we hardly see and feel links between us.
People with ‘linear fragmental perception’ will hardly understand what I’m writing here now, but fortunately, still more people are awakening and getting ‘holistic perception’ of the United Universe.
People with a fragmental perspective don’t see and feel links between us and see our immunity just separately and individually.
Despite the scientifically proved fact, they hardly could imagine that same way as we share virus we share our immunity.
They don’t see the human race as one united organism; therefore they don’t see how the victory of one man against a virus increases chances of others.
They don’t understand that herd immunity is making from the first successful contact with the virus.
It grows-up gradually organically, like everything alive in nature.
Same of our scientists are able today measure it just from 60-70%. In the future with developing technology, the % will low down to 50, 40, 30%…
They have a fixed idea that herd immunity doesn’t exist for a few months and suddenly explode to 60-70%.
They often think that immunity has only people with antibodies. People with strong immunity (not even carriers the virus) are getting immunity experience too! However, according to the opinion of some fragmental scientists, asymptomatic carriers haven’t immunity! They ignore a big % of people who has immunity against the virus but hasn’t antibodies. Ar has antibodies which scientist don’t know yet… At least they can measure antibodies, if not they wouldn’t perhaps believe our immunity at all!
Why would your body produce antibodies, if it doesn’t need anymore?
However, if your body stops producing antibodies, fragmental people assume that you losing immunity. They don’t realise that our immunity system is not forgetting! It doesn’t forget just experience from our life, but immunity experiences are inheriting from previous generations! As descendants of survivors, we inherited immunity through our genes and lineage memory against all past pandemics which all our ancestors survived: From Black Death, through Spanish flu till last season’s flu.
What I would do?
Firstly I would focus on support our immunity system.
What means, that I wouldn’t arouse fear and stress (as do cooperative media and most politicians) because fear turns off our immunity system**! So, I would recommend people to accept whatever comes without fear.
I would recommend them the sun, go to nature.., eat healthily, fasting, avoid poisons like alcohol and cigarettes.., harden up with cold showers, training, meditating, massage each other and keep rich social contact, because it makes us stronger.
I would try to minimise electromagnetic smog, I would definitely not hurry up to launch 5G, etc.
I would respect and protect the elder and weaker who wan to keep a social distance. 
Personally, I would definitely keep social contact to have more vital energy.
How is it possible that someone who already was recovered from the virus could catch it again?
If your body already has an immunity experience, it doesn’t mean that you cannot catch it again. You just have a much higher chance to cope with it, however, if it’s your immunity system is weak, you can catch it again! If your immune system is very weak, you can even die of the virus.
Take responsibility for your health!
Stop blaming people without masks for your immunity.
Corporate media are writing about herd immunity often just in connection with the vaccination. Yes, also vaccination can bring immunity experience, however… Would you let fragmental people (who cannot see links between us and don’t see basic principles of life) to inject their vaccine? Go for it. I wouldn’t.
I keep my balance immunity system evolved by millions of years.  I believe that God /Nature / Universe (call it what you want) makes us perfect.
Another reason is moral. I have to refuse a vaccine containing embryonic cells.
I won’t also risk undesirable synergised toxicityiatrogenic reaction caused by reciprocally affecting a multitude of drugs.
Today’s are probably the hardest times behind us. Our natural herd immunity is day by day stronger, so in a few months, the virus probably disappear…
Freagmeal people probably say that it causes restrictions of our freedom because they could see just the surface of the reality and don’t see and feel holistic links of Unity.


Do our political leaders know about herd immunity?
Boris Johnson obviously has the same knowledge about it, therefore, in the beginning, he wanted to build it up. He even voluntarily got the Coronavirus. Unfortunately probably under the pressure of some corporations, mainstream media and panicking people he has to change UK tactics.


It’s important to realise that relaying at crutches of vaccinations ‘protect’ your own immunity system from strengthening!

A similar way as same people weak the leg by using small cars.



It’s up to you if you sold you your immunity to corporations.
Next wave is another wave of privatisation, it’s the privatisation of your immunity system!



Runaway or protect vulnerable and weak?

People with the fragmental perception of reality, think that by running away from a virus they are protecting weaker members of the Human community. Unfortunately, quite the contrary is true!
I’ll explain it in an example on the fight* of battle…
A man with ‘holistic perception’ would send to the fight* against the virus the strongest people with highest vitality and immunity, because they have the highest chance to survive! This way would be the loss of the human race the smallest.
However, technocrats with ‘linear fragmental perception’ are naively thinking that we can run from a virus and it will somehow disappear.. They are right that viruses always after some period of time disappear, however, they do not understand that reason is herd immunity!
So, today we are running from the virus all of us: young, old, strong and also weak… It’s like if we flee from attackers in all directions, instead we face them with our warriors to protect our women, kids and elderly! Because we are scared, we sacrificed our vulnerable members! :’(
Another involved aspect is morale.
How big is the change to win for:
a) a scared boxer,
b) a boxer who accept what happens and do his best?
Your morale facing to the virus has a similar effect.


Be scared is not helpful at all.
The Russian Spy from a Spielberg film hit the point: Would it help?


* ‘Fight’ is not the best expression, because we don’t need to fight with our surroundings. I used it just for better understanding.

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