The mask and chance to get Covid-19


Those who have symptoms should stay in quarantine, and only if it’s necessary, should go between people. In this case, they need a mask.

Vulnerable people are responsible for their health.
They should have a right to choose if they
a) want to be separated
b) take ‘the risk’ and keep a social life, because it gives them vital energy and supports the immune system.

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How big is a chance that somebody dies for Covid-19 catches from you?

Population of the world is 7,806,412,176 people* is 100%

Today we have 6,553,673 active cases* – 0.083% of the population.

The proportion of positive cases that remained asymptomatic was estimated at 16%*.
Most carriers are symptomatic 5,505,086. They should be in quarantine and stay at home or wear a mask.
At the moment we have on the whole planet just
1,048,587 asymptomatic carriers.
The chance that person in front you are an asymptomatic carrier is 0.013%!!!
According to WHO is 2.2%

From these million asymptomatic carriers would be the virus not transmitted in 83% (870,327 people).
The chance of infection or transmission was 3% with a mask, and 17% without a mask*.
Difference between wearing the mask and no mask is
14%, 146,802, 0.0018% of the population!
Realistically, the mask helps if somebody is coughing or sneezing. However, spreading the virus during a normal breath will not affect such much.

Of all infected 146,802 by asymptomatic carriers, most people will be healed.
Die 5% of them – 7,340 people on the whole planet.


A chance that from you (as an asymptomatic carrier) catches the virus somebody who will die (if you are close enough to him) is 0.000094%!

So, to wear a mask and expect, that as an asymptomatic carrier you will spread the virus, silly like if you wear a condom all the time because you could have occasional sex… 

This year 39,059,390 people died.
Every day dies, 161,402 people.
Should we dampen down 7,806,412,176 human lives to save 7,339 lives?!


Would masks save these 7 thousand weak and vulnerable people?

They died because they met you as an asymptomatic carrier,  their immunity system is low?
How would they react to a normal season flu virus?
Would restricted oxygen help a weak vulnerable person?
Would it increase or decrease their vital energy and immunity system?
Would it help to breathe more toxins?
Would it help them to avoid social contact (which also is a big source of our vital energy)?

If you don’t want a mask and don’t take this risk, you still can keep a safe social distance, which is supposed to save the vulnerable anyway…



  1. Wear a mask and keep social distance, if you have symptoms, or you don’t want to take a risk to take it from an asymptomatic carrier without a mask (0.002283506194%) or take it anyway from somebody with the mask (0.0004029716814%).
  2. People who accept the difference of both risks to meet an asymptomatic carrier (0.002283506194%) could continue in their normal life without masks with healthy social contact.


If people without masks respect people with masks and try to keep 2 m social distance, everything should go smoothly so that all people could be happy, protected and free… 😀


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